Game design

A game that helps College student who has left his/ her hometown to interact more with their parents.

In the joint course, our team created a travel-themed mobile game that allows college students and their parents to play together. Through the game, they will exchange information such as voice, photos and experience the scenery around the world.

Courses: Project Design、 GUI Design、 Arduino Interactive Device Design

Team: Zhihao Luo/ Yupeng Su/ Ziqi Zeng

My work: Concept、 Game Process、 Interface layout、 Information architecture、 Programming、 Hardware design and making.


Nowadays, mobile Internet enables us to get in touch with others easily everywhere at any time. However, we found that our classmates, including ourselves, rarely communicated with their parents.

1/Define User

We conducted a short interview with 10 classmates to identify our target users and their behaviors. The college students who have left their hometown go home less often, so they have far fewer meetings and interactions with their parents than those college students who study in their hometown.

Data of communication

2/Define Problems

We interviewed 7 students who have left their hometown and their 5 parents to clarify their goals and pain points, which would make the solution more suitable for them.

The problems


Based on the reasons for their less communication, we came up with the idea of increasing the frequency of interaction and improving the communication experience between parents and children



6/Interaction Model

Interaction model is a panorama of our interaction design which focuses on the connection and relationship among our users, Family and game activities.

7/Game Flow Diagram

8/Task design


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