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PetGo is a service-oriented, hardware-assisted urban pet travel service that provides a personalized and convenient travel experience for pets.

Date: 2018.07 - 6weeks

Team: Jingwei Lin / Ziqi Zeng

My work: Research, Ideation, Visualization, App design.

Design process:

- Online information about pet travel;
- Interviews with users;
- Observation on pet owners & pets;
- Analysis of existing solutions.

- Come up with the idea from the research insights.

- Choose the target partner & user;
- Define service and visualize it into system map, customer journey map & service blueprint;
- Design touchpoints.

Why start this design?



We interviewed with 8 pet owners to find out what kind of pet owners will think taking pets out is a problem and why they think it is a problem .We went to the pet shop and garden to interview the participants. One person interview, another person record.

Partial respondents
  • “My cat never go out far away. Usually I use a cat bag to carry it away at a close distance.When it need to take a shower, I will help it. And when my cat sees a doctor, the doctor will come to my home.”
  • “I walk the dog every day and I take my dog out with shared car.But the procedure for parking and renting a shared car is inconvenient.”
  • “My cat rarely goes outside.I only take the cat out to see a doctor.Because there is no good hospital nearby.So I feel that it is very troublesome to go out with a cat to see a doctor even if I use DiDi. ”
  • “When I need to take my dog to see a doctor, I will choose a good pet hospital even if it is far away.I usually take my dog out with my car. I don’t think it is inconvinient.”
Key points

- Taking a pet out is mainly to the pet hospital for seeing a vet or bathing the pet.
- They will choose the reputable hospital even if it is far away.
- The owners who don’t have a car will choose to take pets out by DiDi or rent a shared car, but they still feel inconvenient.
- Most pet owners who have a car will choose to drive with a pet and will not feel inconvenient.

Analysis of existing pet travel plans
Design insights

After interviews and analysis, we found that people who are generally inconvenient to take pets out are basically young pet owners who do not have a car. The reason is that there is currently no pet travel service in the Chinese market that satisfies the needs of pet owners. The pet owner's needs are safe, convenient, and pleasant to transport the pet to the destination.

- Once there is a convenient pet travel service, the pet owner will be happy to use it.
- After the pet owner meets the goal of taking the pet convenient and fast, they will pursue a comfortable pet travel environment
- The pet travel service cooperating with the pet hospital will be more in line with the needs of the pet owners.



We found that pet owners with different personalities have different goals for pet travel service, so we target 2 types of users based on previous research.


What is it?

PetGo is a service-oriented, hardware-assisted urban pet travel service that provides a personalized and convenient travel experience for pets, making pet owners no longer worried about pet travel.

System map for PetGo

To describe how PetGo works, we generate a system map to show the different actors involved, their mutual links and the flows of materials, energy, information and money through the system.

Customer journey map

We use customer journey maps to imagine the ideal experience of our users in three different modes of service in the future.

Service blueprint

We use service blueprint to describe how the PetGo organization supports the user journey and how it works.

Key touchpoint - PetGo app

This app is a platform for pet owners to order our pet travel service. It can help people book pet hospitals and book pet buses and pet cars. When people use the pet travel service, the app will remind people about the pet's progress, location and time.

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